About Physibles

Discover and share physible designs. Physibles are design files that can be made into physical objects using 3d printers , CNC mill's and similar computer aided manufacturing devices.

Here at Physibles you have the option to upload your design and share it for free or to charge a fee per download of your file. Physibles provides an outlet for designers as well as a useful resource for finding the designs you need. Physibles allows you total freedom to apply any license to your files.

Here's how it works;

  • You don't need an account to download free content although it does allow you to track your downloads.
  • To purchase items you must create an account and enter your paypal email address (it takes 2 minutes)
  • Free items are free.Simple.They use a Creative Commons License.
  • Paid items are paid for via PayPal. Check the description for the license type.
  • Please check the file type before buying any items.
  • If you have any issues please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 If you receive an error when trying to download a file, it is likely that the file must be paid for and you are not logged in
  • If you want to charge for your files you must create an account. This allows us to pay you for your file sales.
  • If you upload a file and share it for free you must state A creative commons license you wish to apply to your file in your description. If you do not specify a license type, you agree,  it will automatically be assigned a CC Attribution license type.
  • If you upload a file and charge a fee, the item automatically falls under Copyright unless you state otherwise in the description. The sale allows the purchaser ownership of the files insofar as they have exclusive use of them but they may not distribute them. You can include 'Copyright [year] [fullname]' in your description if you wish but it is not necessary.
  • 10% of your sale is deducted in order to maintain and promote physibles
  • You can only claim your payment 7 days after the sale date.
  • Uploads must be in one of these formats: stl, dxf, iges, igs, dwg, st, step, stp, sldprt, blend, part, prt. These are explained further here --> Allowed file extensions.
  • You can only claim your payment once it reaches 5 Euro(this is so the paypal transfer charges are not a large % of the transaction)
  • The administrators  reserve the right to remove uploads
  • By virtue of uploading your file you give the site owner express permission to publicly display your item on physibles.xyz


To get started just create your account, go to the category your file belongs in and click 'upload a file' which is located below the main banner on the page

Making your description more detailed will result in more downloads and easier builds for everyone. Include information such as dimensions, what device you made it on, your device settings, a thumbnail image and any instructions you think might be relevant.

If you have a a design that doesn't fall into a catagory listed above then email the administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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